" Life is too short, grudges are waste of perfect happiness..Laugh when you can, apologize when you should and let go of what you can't change..Love deeply and forgive quickly..Take chances, give everything and have no regrets..Life is too short to be unhappy..You have to take the good with the bad, smile when you're sad, love what you got and always remember what you had..Always forgive but never forget learn from your mistakes..But never regret.. People change, and things go wrong..But always remember..LIFE GOES ON... "


Pin Pin Pon Pon ||

Tengah bersiar2 kat Google tadi, tetibe terjumpe pic ni.. skali tgk nampak cam biase.. tgk btol2 pgerakan 'mereka2' ni, terus tgelak.. haha.. sape la yg kreatif sgt ni ek.. ni utk 18thn ke atas je.. pade kanak2 yg xpaham.. teruskan lah tertanye2 k.. hehe..maybe xbrape nak perasan sgt, sbb aslnye pic ni bergerak, tp dah tarok cni xgerak lak.. xtau cane nak gerakkan die.. xleh la agaknye.. hehe.. nak tgk yg real bleh drop email, t kang saye send.. :p

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